Davis Cookie Collection

Christina Davis and her husband established Davis Cookie Collection in 2014 while Christina was a graduate student at University of Cincinnati for Social Work. Utilizing baking cookies as a personal outlet during stressful semesters and exam weeks, there were many instances where she would bring samples of her product to class and her workplace. People would rave about how delicious the cookies were, and as soon as a gentleman offered to pay $15 for a dozen cookies, stating "these cookies are the best I've ever tasted," the couple knew they had an awesome product that consumers would purchase. 

Davis Cookie Collection had a few inspirations. Christina's family originated from Georgia and moved to Cincinnati in 1950. Her family opened a successful restaurant/club in downtown Cincinnati with live music and delicious, home cooked meals and desserts made from scratch. Many famous artists performed there, including B.B. King, Little Richard, and Bobby Blue Bland. Even though she wasn't born yet, hearing the story over the years has inspired her to become an entrepreneur. 

Additionally, while in graduate school, Christina and her husband became of conscious of the foods they were consuming and realized that our society was becoming more and more health conscious. When they realized that there wasn't a cookie business in Cincinnati that specialized in delicious cookies made with natural and organic ingredients, they knew they needed to enter the market.