Grind on the Rhine



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Owner and head chef of Grind on the Rhine Tyler Retyi-Gazda is a Cincinnati native who started cooking as a teenager and fell in love. Over the past 14 years, Tyler has been on the rise from bussing tables at Montgomery Inn, to cooking at McCormick & Schmick’s, to finally working in nutrition for St. Elizabeth Healthcare, where he still works today. When Tyler started cooking he found that it gave him the opportunity to be creative, active and engaged. Since then, Retyi-Gazda always wanted to own a small bistro but when he heard about the Findlay Kitchen he knew he had found the perfect opportunity to start a business.

Tyler describes his path to the Findlay Kitchen as, “meant to be.” When he found out about the project from a friend, he was looking for brick and mortar space to open a restaurant. With the low-risk, high-reward scenario that the Kitchen gives its members, Retyi-Gazda was excited to take part. Since working out of the Kitchen, Tyler has been pleasantly surprised by the amount of support and help he’s gotten out of his membership. At first he thought the Kitchen would just be a space for food prep but it’s been much more than that. Besides giving him a place to work, Kitchen staff assists Grind OTR with marketing, PR, community connections, and networking. Tyler also finds there to be a good sense of community and respect within the members.  

The concept behind Grind OTR was heavily inspired by Cincinnati’s new streetcar. Surprisingly, the history of the po’boy all starts with a streetcar. During a streetcar labor strike in New Orleans, a couple of former streetcar conductors decided to start feeding free sandwiches to the striking workers. The sub-like sandwich gets its moniker from the “poor boys” they were served to. After recognizing this link between food and history, Tyler found his vision. Cincinnati needed a streetcar and Cincinnati needs grinders.   

In addition to the history behind the grinder, Tyler wanted to make even more local connections by sourcing his ingredients from Findlay Market. Every week he shops the stands looking for the best ingredients for his sandwiches. Grind OTR strives to make every grinder with the greatest quality, local ingredients and the best preparation. 

Support local and try a grinder at Grind-OTR Saturday and Sunday from 10am-4pm on the South side of Findlay Market!