HER Bite

INSTAGRAM:  herbite80   FACEBOOK:  herbite513   PHONE: (513) 807-0790

INSTAGRAM: herbite80

FACEBOOK: herbite513

PHONE: (513) 807-0790

Since 2017, HER Bite Chic Catering & Meal Preparation Services has delivered chic culinary excellence for special events or personal delight by serving colorful plates of wellness to our health-conscious friends, giving our families a savory dish of convenience, and entertaining our guests with pizazz on a platter. HER Bite started as three goal-driven, single mothers working to build a legacy all while meeting the demands of our families, health, work, school, friends, and social needs. Realizing this is every woman, we decided that she shouldn’t have to choose. Our answer came in the form of HER Bite; a Chic Catering & Meal Preparation company built to make life easier, healthier, and tastier for women, the men in our lives, and the children that we enjoy.