OTR Bagelry

instagram: otrbagelry  facebook: otr Bagelry

instagram: otrbagelry

facebook: otr Bagelry

OTR Bagelry serves the perfect bagel. Bagel purists and casual bagelers alike will be delighted by the malt aroma, crispy exterior, and tender crumb. A flavor experience that can only be achieved by using one special ingredient: time - the bakers at OTR Bagelry take the time to select the proper ingredients. They give their bagels extra time to develop flavors with an overnight rise, and they take the time to use the traditional methods of hand rolling and kettle boiling. While the perfect bagel is good for the soul, a bagel shop is good for the community. It's a place to start your morning ritual, begin your weekend retreat, or break bread with loved ones. As residents of Over the Rhine, they felt the absence of such a place. So, the OTR Bagelry family intends to bring that to Over the Rhine.

Starting with offering bagels online and at local farmers markets, if you love their bagels as much as they love sharing them with you, then we'll be well on our way to that bagel shop OTR so sorely needs. Check out OTRBagelry.com to order or to find their next location. Follow them on social media to check on their progress!