Rice Head Philippines Cuisine


It all begins with a family sitting down at the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We usually use this time to find out what’s going on for the day, taking a break from the morning schedule and then gathering again in the evening to share with the family how everyone’s day went. All the while enjoying some of our favorite comfort food. In our family authentic philippine cuisine was our comfort food! Homemade, from scratch, made by none other than our mother.

So years go by, many filipino gatherings later, we grow up and become parents ourselves. Maria has taken the traditions, techniques, and recipes passed down to her and uses it in her everyday cooking. Cuisines made from recipes passed down from generation after generation. Made from scratch, with locally grown produce to support our local businesses. It has always been her dream to share those withnot only my family and friends but also with the public. Philippine cuisine comfort food, always made with love! Well our dream has finally became reality! Come join us and experience our comfort food!