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Essential Knife Skills with Tablespoon Cooking Co.

  • Findlay Kitchen 1719 Elm Street Cincinnati, OH, 45202 United States (map)

Essential Knife Skills

Improving your knife skills will make you a better, safer and more efficient cook. Learning a few simple techniques will help you eat healthier and make cooking at home easier and more fun.

Knives are our most used kitchen tools. To be a good home cook, you need to know the proper way to use them! If you’re going to take one cooking class, this should be it!

In this hands-on class, we will learn how to hold a knife and talk about the basics of kitchen safety and sanitation. We will go over slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping and talk about when you use each skill. Students will take home all of the ingredients they work with in class.

Important Event Details

CLASS FORMAT: This is a hands-on class. Everyone will have a station with a cutting board, knife, tools, and equipment. I will demo each technique and then students will have time to try it themselves. Myself and two volunteers will be walking around to give instruction and make sure everyone feels comfortable with the techniques. This class is limited to 12 students.

FOOD: Dinner is included. I will prepare a hearty soup, fresh bread and a salad that will be served at the beginning of class. We don’t cook anything in this class you’re welcome to snack on the veggies we cut up.

FOOD ALLERGIES AND DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: We will do our best to accommodate you. Please notify us in advance so we can make arrangements.

DRINKS: Local craft beer, select wine and bottled water are included with the class. You are welcome to bring soda or a non-alcoholic drink of your choice.

ADDRESS: Findlay Kitchen is located at 1719 Elm St. Cincinnati, OH 45202

PARKING: There is often street parking available but I usually park at one of the Findlay Market lots. The parking info can be found on the Findlay Market website.

ARRIVAL: The classroom kitchen is all windows and located directly inside the front doors. You’ll see us when you walk up. The doors will be locked so just knock/buzz and we’ll let you in. We will be watching for arrivals so it shouldn’t be an issue. Please try to arrive between 5:45 pm and 6:00 pm so we can get started on time.

ATTIRE: Please wear closed toed shoes such as sneakers. You want your feet to be covered (we'll be working with knives!) and you want to wear something comfortable since we will be on our feet for a few hours. Please keep your hair pulled back or wear a hat. Otherwise, wear comfortable clothes that could potentially get a little dirty. I will provide aprons. Also, feel free to bring clothes if you need to change after work. There is a nice bathroom where you can change.

WHAT TO BRING: A variety of knives will be provided but you’re welcome to bring the knife you normally use when you’re cooking at home. We can hone it for you and it will also give you the chance to compare and contrast with the knives we are using in class. You will get to take home all of the ingredients we work with in class. I’ll have containers but try to bring a tote bag or a couple grocery bags.

CLASS SCHEDULE : Knife safety and sanitation; How to hold a knife; The proper slicing motion with cucumbers; Dicing with carrots and celery; Dicing an onion; Mincing with garlic and herbs, and how to cut peppers and tomatoes.

Questions? Email or call/text Jordan Hamons at 419-297-2907.

Knife Skills Class FAQ

Why do I need a knife skills class?

To make your kitchen life easier. Once you know some proper knife skills, everything in the kitchen becomes faster, easier and safer. Additionally, 90% of kitchen tasks involve cutting something with a knife. If you are going to take one cooking class, this should be it.

To be honest, most of you probably hold a knife incorrectly and don’t even know it! We will go over the safest ways to use and store your knives. By the time we finish, you’ll be confident at the cutting board.

What will we learn?

Kitchen safety, proper knife handling techniques, how to choose a knife, how to hold a knife, how to set up your cutting board, slicing, dicing, chopping, mincing, etc.

But I already know how to cut stuff…

Well, I’ll teach you some other techniques and a few other skills and tricks to help. I promise you’ll come away learning something. I’ve worked in professional kitchens and know some shortcuts (some may call them ‘life hacks’) to help make prep faster and easier!

Why are you qualified to teach us?

I received professional culinary training at Midwest Culinary Institute. I spent a few years as a corporate chef in the Executive Kitchen at American Financial Group / Great American Insurance — you may know it as that big tower with the tiara downtown. I’ve done catering and private chef work. Now, I teach classes! Bottom line: I’ve cut up a lot of veggies.

How many people will be in the class?

12 people max.

Is the class hands-on?

Yes. Each student will have a station equipped with an apron, cutting board, several knives, and a big pile of vegetables.

Will I get to practice?

Yep! I’ll demo each skill and then everyone will go back to their station to practice. I’ll have a few extra of each vegetable so if you want more practice, you’ll have that option.

I’m scared of knives and I know nothing about cooking. Will you be there to help me?

Yep, me and two very qualified assistants will be helping students with each skill. Matt will also be there to help!

Will there be beer/wine?

Do you even know me? Yup. There will be Rhinegeist beer and red and white wine. Also bottled water. If you want a non-alcoholic option, you’re welcome to bring whatever you desire.

Will I leave hungry?

Nope. We will have dinner before class starts and you can also snack on the veggies as we are working.

What do I get to take home?

All of the vegetables you chop, slice, and dice in class. I’ll provide ziploc bags so you can take home what you want.

Will it be fun?