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Pig Butchering & Sausage Making: Two-Day Workshop

  • Findlay Kitchen 1719 Elm Street Cincinnati, OH, 45202 United States (map)

Join us for our first two-day, hands-on Pig Butchering and Sausage Making workshop, featuring renowned Chef/Butcher Justin Dean, and fourth-generation Findlay Market favorites, Eckerlin Meats.


DAY ONE: Saturday, 3/25, 10am-2pm

Pig Butchering will be the focus of day one, where students will be breaking down a whole Red Wattle Hog from Hood’s Heritage Hogs in Kentucky. Students will learn hands-on nose-to-tail butchery, review anatomy, and discuss the importance of sourcing and sustainability in our local food system. Cooking techniques will be discussed as students cook some of the pork cuts for tasting, and package up the remaining. Each student will leave the class with 8 lbs of freshly-cut, pasture-raised Heritage pork. Butchery will be led by expert instructor, Chef Justin Dean.


DAY TWO: Sunday, 3/26, 10am-2pm

Returning on day two for sausage making, students will learn the art of grinding, seasoning, stuffing and linking sausages by hand, using the trim and meat butchered the previous day. Different sausage types will be made for ample take-home by each student. Students will also cook sausages to eat during class, as well as make a quick sauerkraut to accompany. Sausage making will be led by Eckerlin Meats.

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Chef Justin Dean Bio:

Justin Dean: Chef, Butcher, Farmer, Acid Alchemist, Educator, Consultant, & Dad.

Born in Asheville, NC and raised in the backroads of Kentucky’s farmland, it was only natural that I follow the winding contours of the terrain from Field to Fork. Beginning at my parents’ farm in Mason County where I attended high school, my path led to Providence, RI where I graduated from Johnson & Wales with a degree in Food & Beverage Management. From there, I honed my skills at the Maisonette, a restaurant with the longest running streak of five-star awards from the Mobil Travel Guide.

With an accumulated 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, I have helped open more than a dozen concept restaurants and collaborated on countless side projects, including working with Woodlands Pork and Black Oak Holler Farm. It was in these wooded mountains of West Virginia where I got a taste for carving up perfect, porcine samples of woodlands mast finished hogs nearly 15 years ago.

These days, when not ensconced in with my kids’ sports activities, I spend my time working with schools to improve the quality and nutrition of meals being served, keep my vinegar bubbling, give new life to food waste, and continue to spread the good food gospel to those that like to eat.


Eckerlin Meats Bio:

When Findlay Market opened for business in 1855, Eckerlin Meats was there. Today, Bob Lillis is the fourth generation to run Eckerlin Meats. Bob's great-grandfather, Ernie Eckerlin, came from Baden, Germany. The first Eckerlin Meats was a Cincinnati slaughterhouse that Ernie opened. Ernie expanded the business to include a retail stand at Findlay Market where his daughter, Frieda, worked. She married another Eckerlin employee, Al Lillis. Their son, Bob, continued the business and then handed it down to Bob Lillis, Jr., who runs the stand today.

Bob's six siblings have all been a part of the family business at one point or another while they were growing up. When their dad retired in 1983, it was Bob who carried Eckerlin Meats into its fourth generation. He was 23 years old, and had been behind the stand every Saturday since he was a kid. Now, the fifth generation has come to work. Bob's nephew, Ryan, is a full time employee at the stand and one or more of Bob's kids, Christopher, Dan, Josh, and Katie, can be found working Saturdays.


Hood's Heritage Hogs Bio:

Welcome to our farm.

Two Forks Farm home of Hood's Heritage hogs is a small multi-generational family run farm nestled in the beautiful hills of Robertson County in north central Kentucky on Central Ridge Road (KY 1504).

We believe in raising healthy, animals in a sustainable manner. All of our critters have access to pasture, fresh air and sunshine. They all get names, belly rubs and back scratches.

We believe that every animal deserves to be well treated while they are with us and we are grateful to them for providing healthy food for our table and yours.
Here at Hood's Heritage Hogs we believe that our future depends on preserving our food heritage. Every time a breed or variety is lost, valuable genetic diversity disappears forever. Red Wattle Hogs are critically rare numbering less than 2000 animals. It sounds wrong, but to save them we must eat them. If there is no demand for Red Wattle Pork the RW's will disappear. Please help us save the Red Wattles and save our family farm heritage.

Travis Hood

Two Forks Farm home of Hood's Heritage Hogs
6096 Cental Ridge Road
Mt. Olivet, KY 41064


*pictures provided by Justin Dean and Travis Hood