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Stolpman Para Maria “de Los Tecolotes” 2017

Ballard Canyon, CA

For anyone who sees her in action, it’s clear Maria Solorzano is most comfortable in her routine of perpetual motion out on the vineyard. With her quiet yet commanding presence, Maria heads the day-to-day operations at Stolpman constantly teaching La Cuadrilla (the crew) new techniques to establish efficient and practical ways of farming the ridiculously dense vineyards of Ballard Canyon. All proceeds from the La Cuadrilla wines go directly back into the pockets of the migrant workers and farmers who tirelessly and passionately learn and work to produce them. Thus, Stolpman not only focuses on sustainability in the vineyard, but also as a practice of investing in the people they employ. The nickname from villagers from Santa Cruz de las Flores in Jalisco, Mexico (Maria’s hometown) is “Tecolote” or night owl. The name stems from popular late night parties thrown in the town, while also referencing the nocturnal behavior of the crew who harvest in the cold of the night (maximizes the freshness of the grape) three months out of the year. The label on the bottle pictures the resident female Great Horned Owl: the most prolific rodent control beast in the vineyard. The 2017 Para Maria comes from a selection of the juiciest, most approachable blocks of Syrah with a hint of Peite Verdot. Bright, playful and sprite-y on the mouthfeel, this is a juicy, patio-pounding bang for your buck!