Cooking for the Family

We are excited to announce our partnership with Cooking for the Family, a 5-week culinary program aiming to increase knowledge about healthy food choices and culinary skills for families, in an effort to prevent chronic health problems related to diet. Findlay Kitchen will be hosting the program onsite beginning in June. Mona Bronson Fuqua (a Findlay Kitchen Member) will be an instructor.  



As a business accelerator and resource hub for urban Over-the-Rhine entrepreneurs MORTAR has teamed up with Findlay Kitchen to provide food-focused support to current MORTAR curriculum. This program places participants in a 9-week course that provides insight and assistance on how to grow food businesses.


Graydon Head






Findlay Kitchen is excited to work with Graydon Head to introduce a program that enables food entrepreneurs to take advantage of  various business learning opportunities. This program will lead discussions in small business needs and food startups. Graydon Head has also graciously sponsored the CO.STARTERS: Kitchen Edition event which features food-focused business curriculum, mentorship and networking opportunities.                   

Brewhaus Dog Bones & UC ATS

Findlay Kitchen and kitchen member, Brewhaus Dog Bones, have joined to create a program for UC Advancement & Transitions students to participate in the making, baking, labeling and bagging process of Brewhaus Dog Bones. The program invites students into the kitchen and allows them to be hands on with the food business process. To read the full story behind Brewhaus and learn all that the organization does for the community visit


ArtWorks Cincinnati 

ArtWorks Logo copy.jpg

Findlay Kitchen and ArtWorks have joined together to create a customized, food focused CO.STARTERS business development curriculum. This partnership will enable food entrepreneurs, who will be the only type                                                                                                                of entrepreneur accepted into the class, to access benefits                                                                                                  such as food expertise and mentors that may tailor to their                                                                                                   very specific needs.