Hey there. We’re Honey Child Artisan Pops, a different kind of ice pop company. What’s so different about us? We’re glad you asked! At Honey Child we make all of our delicious flavor combinations using whole blended fruits and vegetables, not just juice, and that’s only the beginning. Some of our great tasting pops are fortified with a variety of proteins, adaptogens, and other beneficial ingredients to help get you through the day.

Now here’s our favorite part: Honey Child makes all of these delicious treats using no refined sugar! You’ll see refined sugar on the ingredients list for just about everything these days but not here, not now or ever. Instead we use honey, natural sweeteners, or no sweeteners at all. We want you to enjoy Every! Single! One of our hand crafted treats with next to no guilt. If anything, we think you’ll feel better after having one. We know, and you’re welcome!