Steps to Becoming a Member

The below list outlines general steps to becoming a Findlay Kitchen Member. Items on this list may be required by regulatory agencies or by Findlay Kitchen. Some requirements may be waived by Findlay Kitchen if not applicable to ones specific business.


  1. Schedule a tour of Findlay Kitchen, by reaching out to Tours are typically held Tuesdays from 10-11am.
  2. Complete online Member Application Form. Findlay Kitchen staff will review within 10-15 business days and schedule an interview with the applicant if there is kitchen capacity, and if it looks like we can support the business type. 
  3. During applicant interview, Findlay Kitchen staff will review licensing and regulatory requirements specific to the applicant's business. 
  4. Applicant completes a Process Flow Plan for their product(s) and submits to Ohio Department of Agriculture.
  5. Applicant obtains ServSafe Certification.
  6. Applicant provides proof of liability insurance.
  7. Applicant pays $200 security deposit and $100 Annual Membership Fee. 
  8. Applicant completes any additional licensing or certifications required by Ohio Department of Agriculture and Cincinnati Health Department. Supply copy of licenses and/or certifications to Findlay Kitchen staff.
  9. Applicant completes Findlay Kitchen Orientation Class. Applicant is now a Findlay Kitchen Member!