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Sonoma County, CA

“Enjoy wine, enjoy life.”

Selby Winery was founded in 1994 by Susie Selby and her father, David Selby, who gained an affinity for wine through his European travels as a renown surgeon. Learning the ins and outs of winemaking through a hands-on apprenticeship environment, Susie started as a tasting room manager and moved her way through all aspects of the business from office to farm to cellar. After her father’s passing in 1997, Susie stepped up as the CEO and sole winemaker for Selby Winery and continues to operate without partners or investors. Favoring traditional minimalist principles of winemaking, she yields elegant, sophisticated, accessible and ready-to-drink wines. Susie sources her fruit from organic and sustainable vineyards in Alexander, Dry Creek and Russian River Valleys, the best of Sonoma County. “The beauty of Merlot is that it can pair wonderfully with all kinds of food or stands on its own because it’s so approachable,” say Selby. Boasting black cherry fruit and warm baking spices, Selby Merlot is opulent yet elegant and showcases how food and wine can elevate the other.