Central to the core values of Findlay Market is the desire to support and provide for our local community. More than simply a hub for fresh, local food, the Market drives economic activity, social interaction, and an inclusive experience for all.


Findlay Kitchen builds on those principles, empowering and embracing the wealth of culture and diversity that is needed to advance and sustain a vibrant food ecosystem, right here in the heart of our city. 


Our Mission

photo credit: molly burns

To build and enable a thriving community of food entrepreneurs, who in turn will be 

  • ripe to contribute local food innovation,

  • representative of our dynamic and diverse neighborhoods, and

  • equipped to start, grow and scale profitable businesses.


Our Vision

Photo Credit: Molly Burns

To create a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, spurred by the local food district that is Findlay Market.


Our Goals

Photo credit: molly burns
  • To provide a community space that is welcoming to all and seeks out a healthy, diverse mix of people, ethnicities, products and stories.

  • To foster a supportive and collaborative environment in which people and food businesses will prosper.

  • To create a positive social impact in our community through empowerment, partnership and outreach.