Can I take a tour?

Yes! We would be happy to schedule a tour by appointment.


What if I don't have experience in the food/beverage industry but want to become a member?

You've come to the right place. As a food business incubator, we are here to help those interested in starting their own small food-related business. Come take a tour and chat with us, and we'll work together to figure out next steps for you and your business.


Do I need a business plan?

Eventually - however, it is not necessary in order to become a member. Through our incubation services, we are able to offer assistance in creating and developing a business plan. 


What equipment do members need to provide for themselves?

Members are responsible for supplying all of their own smallwares including cutting boards, knives, pots, storage containers, etc. Findlay Kitchen provides commercial kitchen equipment that most businesses would need. Take a look at our Features and Benefits page for an overview of these items.


What are the operating times?

Findlay Kitchen is open for member use 24/7. The Kitchen is staffed 7 days a week, typically during normal business hours, but we offer our Members the flexibility to work in the kitchen at any time, day or night, that is convenient to your schedule.


Once I'm a Member, how do I reserve kitchen time?

All reservations are booked through an online platform on a first-come, first-served basis. We carefully consider capacity of the space as a whole and current preferred times for existing Members before adding new Members to our community.


Do I need a license from the Health Department?

Depending on where and how you choose to sell your product, your business may need a Health Department-issued license. However, to use Findlay Kitchen, you do not need a license from the Health Department as our facility is licensed through the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA). Many Members may be covered under our license, others may need additional licensing through ODA for specific products, which we will help to facilitate.


Does Findlay Kitchen offer ServSafe classes?

No, but we work closely with area programs to which we will refer prospective Members.


Is there a designated retail location for member products?

While we do not have a specific place reserved just for Members to sell their products, we do have relationships with Findlay Market vendors and retail locations, and we will work with members on an individual basis to leverage our connections with various sales channels.


As a member, can I get a booth at Findlay Market?

Members do not automatically get booths at Findlay Market, but do enjoy priority consideration when a spot at the Market opens up. Anyone looking to have a booth at the market can apply for it through Findlay Market's website, link here:


If you have any further questions, please contact us at and we would be happy to chat!