Each kitchen will be setup somewhat differently to fit the needs of our members, being outfitted with commercial kitchen equipment, as well as the ability to reserve more specialized pieces. Most equipment will be on casters to provide maximum flexibility in the space.

  • Convection & conventional ovens
  • Combi-ovens
  • Roll-in rack oven
  • Six-burner gas ranges
  • Induction cooktops
  • Tilt skillet
  • Griddle
  • Fryer battery
  • Steam jacketed kettle
  • 60 qt, 20 qt, & 5 qt mixers
  • Dough roller/sheeter
  • Food processors


Findlay Kitchen Members will benefit from an array of facility resources included within their membership.

  • Utilities
  • On-site storage rental (dry, cooler, freezer)
  • Waste management (trash, recycling, composting)
  • Pest Maintenance
  • Preventative equipment maintenance
  • Ice machine
  • Delivery receiving area
  • Break room 
  • 24/7 member access

Business Support Services

As Findlay Kitchen continues to amass partnerships with business organizations across the city, we will continuously add to the roster of resources made available to our Members. Below is a sampling of the support services we offer from a food and business perspective.

Business Creation & Growth

  • Insurance, Liabilities & Legal 
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Business Planning Assistance
  • Finance & Accounting

Products & Ingredients

  • Labeling Guidelines
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Product Distribution Channels
  • Ingredient Sourcing Outlets

Regulatory Compliance

  • ODA, CHD, FDA Navigation
  • Food Safety & Sanitation Guidelines
  • Process Flow & HACCP Plan Creation
  • ServSafe Certification Courses